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Cruise Tasik Putrajaya  

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

One of the best ways to see the city's sights is by taking a 45 minute daytime or evening sightseeing cruise on a comfortable air-conditioned 76 seater cruise boat. Gondola-style boat rides are also available.
      Marina Putrajaya  

Marina Putrajaya

With a musical fountain, extreme water sports, indoor swimming pool, gymnasium and much more there is plenty to do at Marina Putrajaya.
Putrajaya Botanical Garden Taman Botani  

Putrajaya Botanical Garden
(Taman Botani)

Putrajaya has some of the nicest urban parks in the country and my favourite is the Putrajaya Botanical Garden, a beautifully manicured park showcasing tropical plant and tree specimens.
      Wetlands Park Taman Wetland  

Wetlands Park (Taman Wetland)

This is said to be the largest man-made freshwater wetlands in the tropics. Here you can learn how wetlands act as a natural filtration system and see some of the creatures that live in wetlands habitats.
Putra Mosque  

Putra Mosque

One of Putrajaya's top landmarks, this imposing pink granite mosque is capable of accommodating 15,000 worshippers. Elements of its basement design have similarity to the King Hassan Mosque in Casablanca while the minaret is thought to resemble the Sheikh
      Prime Ministers Office Perdana Putra  

Prime Minister's Office

Perdana Putra is a huge Moghul-style green domed building is the seat of power in Malaysia and contains the offices of the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and various other arms of government.
Putrajaya International Convention Centre PICC  

Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)

This is a massive convention centre with a distinctive architectural design said to be shaped like a royal belt buckle. It is not utilised as much as it could be but is worth visiting if only for the fine views from its hilltop position.
      Ayer8 Promenade  

Ayer@8 Promenade

This lakeside dining, shopping and commercial development is the latest addition to the city's retail therapy centres.
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